Drop Shipping
Drop Shipping

Nowadays, thanks to the quick development of worldwide network and international freight, overseas business becomes much more convenient than before.Newnavi provide DROP SHIPPING service here, in order to save the cost both of time and money for business partners, and one more important function is, making international business much more easier by just clicking one button.
Before our drop shipping service, we will need customer`s authorization. 
And Newnavi will always follow the privacy policy as below:
1)  All the customer information for delivery will be well-kept by Newnavi, they will not be used for any other uses.
2) Newnavi will never contact the customer from business partners privately;
3)  All the producer information about the products for DROP SHIPPING will not be shown;
4)  DROP SHIPPING products will have the warranty as well, and this will follow the WARRANTY ITEMS on
5)  DROP SHIPPING service will provide pictures/tracking information/contact person as business partners` request.
Follow the simple steps here:
(See the picture shown below)
1)  Please contact Newnavi, and we will arrange a contact person follow all of your orders and request.
2)  Please send us your PO(Purchase Order), containing your customers` delivery information and products with quantity and other requests.
3)  Our contact person will confirm your PO by sending you a PI(Performa Invoice) with a PI number, showing all the information for the orders(shipping information/total quantity/payment information, etc.).
4)  Please check the PI then pay for the order, do remember to note the payment with the PI number, then shipment(usually, DROP SHIPPING orders will take International Express like UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT/EMS, etc. ) will be made when your payment according to the PI is confirmed.
5)  Newnavi will provide you the tracking information when the shipment made. Also Newnavi will provide the picture for the goods for business partners as requested.

In order to improve the quality of DROP SHIPPING service and protect both of the rights of each other, Newnavi would like to declare the following points:
1)  Normally, Newnavi accept PAYPAL, but DROP SHIPPING service will not accept PAYPAL as the protection rules from the PAYPAL Company forbidding different address orders.
2)  All of the CUSTOMS TAX is not Newnavi`s responsibility, usually CUSTOMS TAX will be charged on the receiver. The information on PI will right according to business partners` requests.
3)  When suffering any issue while goods are passing the CUSTOMS, Newnavi will try to help, but Newnavi will not undertake the final law responsibility, if customers return orders for CUSTOMS reasons, Newnavi will not do refund for such kinds of situation.
4)  Newnavi will charge the whole fees (tax/returning fee/shipment fee, etc.) caused by customs returning items before resending the goods if the above situation really happens. Or goods will not be shipped again.
5) Newnavi will test and take pictures(even videos) as record for every order before drop shipping, so any broken on arrival, please report to Xinpinghang at once, then we will get into BOA(Broken on Arrival) program of the WARRANTY process.
6)  DROP SHIPPING requires legal address and regions within International express delivery area; any unreasonable requests will be rejected.
*Newnavi provides DROP SHIPPING service here to improve international business quality, so we will reserve the rights for the explanation of our DROP SHIPPING service. Any vicious behavior on DROP SHIPPING will be reported to the local police.
only help business partners to deliver the order according to their requests for the DROP SHIPPING service,Newnavi will never undertake any other legal liability which caused by the DROP SHIPPING shipment.
*When business partners ask for DROP SHIPPING service, that means you`ve read this whole page and accept all the items listed above.