We are looking for Distributors from all over the world/areas
1. Resell or dealing with Newnavi products.
2. My average sales amount each month is not lees than 6,000USD.
3. I have own engineers or good team for after-sales service timely.

Privileges(Over 6 month cooperation time with Newnavi)
1. You can get 5%-10% discount on the current pricing.
2. You can attain 100 publicity materials for free, such as catalogue or leaflets.
Newnavi would like to tell you
1) We pay much attention to the development of technology and the growth of this market, making our products more and more modern, and being unique as well.
2) We have larger and larger inventory, and products' quality become better and better.
3) We supply goods with the shortest delivery time to keep your time and Money.