R & D

Newnavi R&D dept. are divided into three teams, R & D1, R & D2 and R & D 3.  R & D department has large number of experienced and professional talents on this industry, 80% of them are undergraduate and Ph.D., master's degree or higher, most of the engineers has more than three years of working experience in the car audio industry,
R & D Department D1 TEAM is belong to the Marketing Research, Data collection and installation testing and so on. They strive to provide the fastest, latest and most comprehensive car navigation products to fulfill the market demands.
R & D Department D2 TEAM,they are including the structure, electronics, software, and detecting engineers. The main development and application is the new platform, quick to seize the market for 
XINPINGHANG to build a solid foundation.
R & D Department 3: with more than 30 senior software engineers, is the essence of 
XINPINGHANG. All platform research and Development, Platform upgrades, and testing of the new platform made by R & D D3 ‘s engineers.